Refund Policy

General Provisions


  • Refund process follows a procedure. The service rejected will be inspected and further analyzed if it can be refunded or not. On Average it will take 2 working days from the time we will receive request. If we found during inspection that amount you have paid for the service was unsatisfactory or wrong service has been provided than we will refund all of you amount into your account in the form of digital points known as reward points.
  • A customer will be informed via email or on phone that inspection of the service is completed.
  • You can reach us through email: or phone: 03486686631 to know if service is valid to be refunded or not. If service is valid to be refunded then only the procedure will begin.
  • If the service does not validate to be refunded then you will receive a call from our customer service team to explain that why this service particularly cannot be refunded and they will guide you through.

Conditions Applied:


  • Refund request must be placed within a time period of 24 hours of order.
  • Amount will be refunded within a 2 working days, till then our customer service department will verify order information.